Protecting your business

It’s just a side gig, so why do I need commercial insurance? We at Insur’d love our entrepreneurs.  Today’s entrepreneurs are hard working independent and driven individuals.  These creative minds are a big part of what makes living in Marietta, Ga great.  Whether you have a major corporation, a side business or even a passionate hobby […]

East Cobber Article October 2018

Navigating insurance coverage in this day and age practically requires a special degree— particularly when it comes to the ever-changing yet consistently confusing world of health insurance. New transplants to East Cobb Brand and Rocco Solorzano are making it a family affair to assure that there is a trustworthy and free advisor available in our […]

Juvenile Life Insurance

Life insurance for children is not just a good idea but a necessity for many reasons.  The number one reason is future insurability without health questions. When purchasing life insurance for your child it’s most important to consider the possibility of insuring them before a potential serious health condition rather than their death.” Many policies […]

What exactly is Insur’d?

New branding, New Location- Same Heart! What’s in the Name? For those of you who know us, you know we’ve been in the Insurance business for a while, 2009 to be exact. So why rebrand to Insur’d now? Well, “Times are a changing” and so has our vision. Formerly, Benefits Depot we had a primary […]

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