East Cobber Article October 2018

Navigating insurance coverage in this day and age practically requires a special degree— particularly when it comes to the ever-changing yet consistently confusing world of health insurance. New transplants to East Cobb Brand and Rocco Solorzano are making it a family affair to assure that there is a trustworthy and free advisor available in our community to help families and business owners make the best possible insurance coverage choices for their needs and budget. Their tagline says is all: “OurPlans are Based on Yours.” Insur’d , opened in the Sprayberry Square shopping center in May and is a rare gem in the insurance sector, truly offering personal, “one stop shopping” for consumers that takes the legwork out of researching all the various policies, plans and carriers.

All of the experienced, licensed agents at Insur’d  live in the community and actually take the time to meet personally with you to understand your unique needs. The Solorzanos have been in business since 2010 and  take immense pride in having built a comprehensive insurance business—encompassing not just auto, life, commercial and travel insurance, but also health coverage, something few local companies can address. With government mandates for health insurance going away and fewer insurance carriers offering individual health policies to families and small business owners, the need to have a strong advocate on the side of the consumer is more important than ever before. October 1 begins Pre open enrollment for those that have Medicare. For all other individuals not on Medicare Open Enrollment starts Nov 1.

Not fully understanding the fine print of a policy can render an individual under-insured or in a worse case scenario, not covered at all when an illness or injury occurs. “It can be overwhelming understanding what Medicare covers and what supplemental coverage is best based on each individual’s circumstance,” said Brandy Solorzano. “Sometimes you don’t really understand your insurance coverage until you need it and then find out it isn’t what you thought you were getting. I worry for those that rely on the Internet or a call center that may not even be located in Georgia when making critically important decisions about medical coverage for themselves, their children and their aging parents.



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