Our insurance company is dedicated to your success, whether you specialize in Medicap plans or are more familiar with traditional types of insurance such as health insurance and auto insurance. Here are a few benefits of working as an agent with a local organization here in Marietta, GA.

Why Choose the Insur’d Group?

    • We Walk the Walk.  I have been selling insurance directly to the people, just like you, and have been doing so since 2008. I still produce on a daily basis. With over 250 million in premiums submitted, Insur’d Group has a pulse on the market. We don’t know it all, but we definitely have the inside connections.
    • Amazing Portfolio of Products.  We are a full-service agency and have the have the products your clients need, everything from Medicare supplemental insurance plans to something simple like motorcycle insurance. We not only give you the tools, we show you how to use them.
    • We’re Local.  We encourage you to come in and use our facility to bring clients and use the office space. This is FREE for producing with us.
    • Agent Cubicles

      Conference room
    • We are not for everyone. We only market to the local area in Georgia because we want you to come into the office to learn, collaborate, and celebrate your wins. Working at home is cool but sometimes you just need to get out for the day.
    • Compliant – You worked hard for your license and we make sure you stay within the lines to keep it. Insur’d processes and procedures will achieve your compliance.
    • Commissions Paid Direct –  We know just a few days matter. That’s why we let the carrier pay you directly. It’s easier and the right thing to do!
    • Technology-  Free technology for our agents that includes a personal secretary to answer your calls professionally,  CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), phones, and dialers are just a few of the advantages you’ll get.


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