Protecting your business

It’s just a side gig, so why do I need commercial insurance?

We at Insur’d love our entrepreneurs.  Today’s entrepreneurs are hard working independent and driven individuals.  These creative minds are a big part of what makes living in Marietta, Ga great.  Whether you have a major corporation, a side business or even a passionate hobby you are responsible if anyone should get hurt or there is damage to property.  Your homeowner’s policy is not designed to cover business claims. You always need to be prepared for the unexpected. An average small business policy ranges around $300 – $500.  Not enough to break the bank but will protect what you’ve worked so hard for. We are here to cover what could financially devastate you. It depends on your risk whether you need business insurance.  The questions below could help give you more clarity.

  • Do you use your car to get work done.
  • Do customers or business packages come to your home?
  • Do you work with children or animals?
  • Do you process payment information or handle other sensitive material?
  • Could anyone get hurt of sick as a result of your business?
  • Is your side business a primary source of income?
  • Would a lawsuit or inventory loss leave you broke?

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