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Bradley Brooks is confusing. I needed someone I can sit down with to talk about my families needs.

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Got Health Insurance?

Are you getting a ton of calls on the phone? Health insurance is very confusing and there are lots of moving parts. Sometimes you don’t really know the coverage until you need it. Unfortunately, that may be too late. Insur’d is a local agency in Marietta where you can come and sit down to discuss your options with an insurance agent. If you have questions about your health insurance benefits, we will stand by you and help you figure them out.

Why do I need Health Insurance?

Health Insurance, like any other insurance coverage, is a transfer of risk.  The average emergency room visit in 2018 was $1,913 based on CNN Money

The question really is “can I do without health insurance?” If you plan on having any savings, then you definitely want to have the right health insurance plan in place. Here are a few examples of the most common situations.

Sickness Cost Source
Heart Attack $760,000 CBSNEWS
Fractured Leg $33,565 Cost Helper
Concussion $3000 Cost Helper
Stitches $3000 Cost Helper
Appendix $55,000 CBSNews
Dr. Office Visit $234
Hysterectomy $9,388

Why Choose Us?

The first and most important reason to trust us is our experience. We have helped thousands of clients with life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and Medicare supplement plans. You may have a laundry list of medications or a hidden sickness you don’t want anyone to know about. At Insur’d, we follow all the HIPAA laws and your privacy is guaranteed. Contact us today!

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