What exactly is Insur’d?

New branding, New Location- Same Heart!

What’s in the Name?

For those of you who know us, you know we’ve been in the Insurance business for a while, 2009 to be exact. So why rebrand to Insur’d now? Well, “Times are a changing” and so has our vision. Formerly, Benefits Depot we had a primary focus on the health and life insurance markets. Though the name Benefits Depot served us well it didn’t fully align with what we are currently doing as a full service agency. With our new focus we felt like it was time for a change and after some brainstorming Insur’d was born. I know what you all must be thinking. Didn’t they spell “Insured” incorrectly? Well, I know my inner grammar nazi was thinking that very thing when the proposed name was presented to me. Then creativity, forward thinking and the strong desire to set ourselves apart made me more comfortable with the idea. In a sea full of First Name, Last Name agencies we set out to brand our agency to be as fun, unique and interesting as it’s founders.

Besides the name, what’s new?

Now that we clued you in on our new name, Insur’d, let’s discuss why we are different. Our tagline, “Our plans are based on yours” was written with our new vision in mind. I previously mentioned we are now a full service agency so we wanted our tagline to convey just that. So, no matter what you have planned or in many cases didn’t plan for we will be ready and willing to discuss those plans to ensure you have the right insurance coverage to fit your precise needs.

When we say full service agency, we mean it. If it can be insured, we likely have a policy to cover it. We have always been a brokerage in the Life and Health markets so it was a no brainer when we decided to expand our product offerings that we stay with that concept. What that means for you? We don’t represent just one company or one product. It means that we work with top Insurance Carriers that specialize in a variety all types of risk management.

Location, location, location!

Next big change for Insur’d was our location. Being residents of Cobb county it felt natural for us to set up shop in the heart of Marietta, GA.  Though we have operated our business in Cobb for years we lacked the ability to have customers do business in person. Since we knew that was a key factor for our new vision we went on a mission to establish our business in location that would be convenient for residents of Marietta and it’s surrounding counties to come in and do face to face business. Though it’s our sincere desire that one day we meet each one of you in person we know that may never happen. In which case, we will still give the same great service in a way that’s convenient for you. Connect with us Online, Facebook, Instagram, Email and via phone (678-792-4555)

2550 Sandy Planins Rd. Suite 365 Marietta, GA 30066

Get Directions

Happy customers mean everything!

It’s no secret there are tons of qualified insurance agents that you could choose from. We feel our separation lies in our ability to be competitive in many markets, personalized insurance solutions to fit your unique needs and budget but the biggest differentiator is our customer service. We pride ourselves on our professional and caring staff who’s greatest desire is to serve it’s customers, company and community. If you initially choose Insur’d because we are a one stop shop Insurance agency, we want you to stay because you receive unrivaled customer service each and every time you do business with us.

We live to serve

We love helping people. I know that sounds so cliche’ but it holds true. We strongly believe a servants heart it’s the key part of life. We both got into the Insurance business because we loved that our chosen profession would allow us to provide tools to our customers that could potentially change their lives. Insurance may not be the most glamorous profession but it’s one that we feel blessed we get to do this each day.

With the new vision for Insur’d we not only want to be your chosen Insurance Agency, we hope to be a trusted consultative Insurance resource. As part of that desire we are working to bring you relevant, informative, some times funny and educational content to this blog and other social media platforms. So we have a better understanding of what it is YOU are looking to see and hear. Leave us a comment or feedback. We’re always looking to improve!

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